As we enter the next phase of our building project, the congregation of The Good Shepherd Ministries is excited, humbled and mindful of God's call, his vision for our church, and his plans for the future. To grow as we have is already a tremendous blessing; to be given so much that we can, in turn, give back to the furtherance of God's kingdom is as great an honor as it is great a task. Please continue to pray as we move forward and begin to lay the groundwork for the new building. While we're only in the planning stages of the project, we pray daily for the continued wisdom of our pastors and leaders, clarity as to how and when God would like us to proceed, and His ongoing blessings, which we've been indescribably grateful to receive over the course of the last ten years. To God, truly, be the glory.

Pastor McCullough and the Building Committee recently held a meeting to update the congregation on the progress of the new building, to share the most recent developments, and to offer insight into the next stages of the project. Click on the small images below to view the current concept drawings for the new building and check back from time to time as we post floor plans, photo galleries, start dates and more.

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